Why Use Animals?

The Five Animal Character Development Program© understands that children between the ages of 4-9 years old are extremely interested and curious about nature and animals. If you have children you definitely know what we are talking about. Children love animals and children love rewards.


So after researching and studying child development and behavior we realized a few very important and interesting discoveries about children.

  1. They are simple
  2. They love to use their imagination
  3. They love to pretend to be animals
  4. They love praise and reward
  5. They want to follow directions and rules

The Five Animal Character Development Program© does all of the above.

The 5 Animals


The Dragon = Respect

The dragon is the first animal of the five animal forms. It represents leadership and is a symbol of elegance and beauty. It earns respect from people all around.


The Tiger = Confidence

The tiger is the king of the jungle in Asia. It represents strength and agility. Its shows discipline and courage. The tiger will accept any challenge and never back down.


Leopard = Discipline

The leopard represent beauty, speed and grace. Leopards are persistent, balanced, and skillful. They also represent devotion.


The Snake = Control

The snake is mysterious and intelligent. With a single strike they can kill another animal that is twice their size, which makes them silent but deadly. Snakes are smooth and charming.


The Crane = Honesty

The crane is the most beautiful and elegant of the five animals. They can glide through the sky gracefully yet also have the ability to stand up to their opponents. Cranes are very patient and balanced.